FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      
June 2, 2005


Marion Meyer



“Petites Rêveries”



The exhibition will be on display from June 2nd to July 17th at

Marion Meyer Contemporary Art. 354 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach



The current exhibition of new paintings by Paula Schoen at Marion Meyer Contemporary Art offers a close look into a world of “small dreams”.  


The small-scale masterpieces are a pleasure to view.  Each painting has a delicate and captivating clarity that draws the eye deeper and deeper into a diminutive realm.  Tiny brushstrokes and thin ribbons of color bear close scrutiny, yet read amazingly well at a distance.   Schoen skillfully reduces sweeping panoramas to a compact format, conveying a sense of distant expanse contrasted with lively, razor sharp detail.


“I wanted to do a series of very jewel-like, intensely beautiful paintings for a long time.  The discipline and focus required to create a satisfying and fully realized painting in small scale was a challenge for me.  The key to the paintings is a crystallization that is convincing, exploiting the luscious qualities of the paint without calling too much attention to the surface.  Technically, they are very difficult.”


Schoen’s masterful paintings capture all the detail and clarity of miniatures without losing any of the energy or freshness of her large works.  Like a lucid moment, these paintings reveal a magnitude unrelated to dimension.


“Petites Rêveries”   Paintings by Paula Schoen at Marion Meyer Contemporary Art, June 2nd through July 17, 2005.