Born in Lubbock, Texas, Greg Stocks has always been involved in the arts from an early age on. He studied music and art in junior high and high school in Idaho and played music professionally during college and after.

At the University of Utah, he completed a Foundation Art program with instructors Ed Maryon and Sam Wilson. After having transferred to Utah State University to study illustration he received a Bachelors degree in Commercial Art with an emphasis in illustration in 1986.
His instructors at USU included Glen Edwards, John Anderson, Adrian Van Suchtelen, Harrison Groutage and Anton Rasmussen.

He received Honorable Mention at 1994 Black & White show at the Eccles Art Center in Ogden, Utah.
Currently employed as an illustrator/graphic designer at a local clothing company, he has his artwork represented in private and corporate collections, and his paintings can be seen in galleries throughout the Western United States.

With his paintings Greg Stocks wants to offer people a place of peace in a restless world:
“ There is in this world a very real shortage of peace, of places where a person can be alone with their thoughts in a meditative yet engaging environment. My work is an effort to create such places, to build images that serve as inspirational detours from the confusion and chaos of the surrounding world, if only for a moment.
Having been a musician for most of my life, I find the process of creating an image to be similar to that of writing a song. There is a distillation of visual information to reach the basic structure or rhythm of the work, after which the melody comes into play in the form of color, brushwork and the expressive possibilities of process and the application of media.”