Enrico Armas is a Venezuelan sculptor, draftsman, engraver and painter, born in Caracas in 1957.   His education includes studies in the Ecole d’Art Decoratives in Paris in the eighties; workshops under the tutelage of master printmakers Etienne Martín and Carlos Cruz Diez in Páris; and studies with Alirio Palacios, Edgar Sánchez, Luisa Palacios and Luisa Richter in Caracas. Armas graduated from the Centro de Enseñanza Gráfica (CEGRA) in Caracas with specialty in Engraving and Sculpture.  Armas’ work, in its different plastic manifestations, is widely known in Venezuela through collective and individual exhibitions and in private galleries and Museums. His most recent exhibitions include: De visita en Caracas, French Alliance (Caracas, 2006); Los Colores de la Tierra, Juan Carmona Foundation (Barquisimeto, 2004); Huellas de la Memoria, Mario Abreu Contemporary Museum of Art (Maracay, 2003); Reflejo Interior, Medicci Gallery (Caracas, 2002) and Nombrar la Pintura, Centro Cultural Fundación Corp Group (Caracas, 2001).

His work has found great acceptance in the European market in recent years, with collective and individual exhibitions that include: La Galería Gálica de Arte Contemporáneo in Milán (2002); Madrid’s Galería-Factoría El Perro Verde (2003); Espacio Meyer Zafra of Paris (2003 and 2006). In 2004 he was individually featured in different venues in Spain , such as: Pinturas, Banco Del Monte in Huelva ; Pinturas, Casa de la Juventud, Escija; and Tropikalia, Galería-Factoria del Perro Verde, Madrid .

Artist Statement:

“I have attempted to conciliate the concrete with the abstract and in doing so I have created an image that exists in a space that is hard to categorize. There is a lot of intention in the making of art, and this intentional process should be the main job of a creator who is trying to find his way step by  step. In these last few years and through my paintings, I have been able to conciliate the abstract, figurative, and the scribble and color in one single space.”