Photo By: Andre Hovsepian


I left Washington DC to go to Tehran, Iran, having already scheduled my first solo exhibition of 2007 in the west coast.


I was anxious because I had to prepare myself for two big events.  Going back home for the first time in a few years and having to come back soon after to a new place with paintings for my exhibition.


When I splashed the first drops of paint on the canvas in my sunny studio in Tehran, I felt a NEW!


I went through a gamut of emotions as I passed my past to the present and traveled to the future, painting passionately in anticipation of new experiences awaiting me.


I painted constantly, saddened by the fact that I had to leave behind familiar feelings, but excited at the same time with the illusion of new experiences.


During this journey, both innerly and out, I learned to look at all these emotions, accept them as part of life and enjoy the NEW BEGINING.



Winter 2007/ Tehran