A collection of abstracted landscapes of the planet we call home.

Earth. She’s peaceful, powerful, beautiful, fierce and sometimes deadly. Whether man becomes the victim of his own pollution and exploitations or not, the Earth will go on.

The medium used in the paintings is encaustic, itself from the earth, a combination of pigments, beeswax and the resin of the damar tree. Painted in many, many layers, each layer both reveals and conceals the layer beneath. The process requires both patience and skill, It is itself meditative.

A repeating theme in the work is a circle, the earth from afar. The circle is the sign of true love with no beginning or end, the sign of eternity. It is the symbol of the bird and also of femininity. In multiples of three the circle can represent the Trinity. In Japanese culture and the Zen sect of Buddhism the circle is called Enso, and is the sign of enlightenment.

In several works the circle is a 3-dimensional sphere and is as abstracted at the landscape. The deep framing of these pieces accommodates the depth of the sphere and results in a work of half-sculpture, half-painting.