As a contemporary painter, it seems ironic that I do not use the latest, newest medium or technology. I use the very oldest painting medium, encaustic. I have found in it a very personal means of expression, my own intuitive visual language. My work is an ongoing and ever changing exploration of the self. I've learned how to get out of my own way. The inner critic has been mollified and is quiet. I am free to speak. All this and the beautiful scent of beeswax wafting in the air.

It is not that I think all art should be beautiful. I just believe all art of mine should be. Within my paintings are colors of comfort, fragments of memories, hints of what is yet to come, and evidence of intuition. It is a place of spiritual well being.

Sylvia Torres is a native Californian and full time contemporary artist working primarily in the ancient medium of encaustic. The medium of hot pigmented beeswax and resin originated with the Greeks over 2000 years ago.

Ms. Torres gravitated to the art world at a very early age, painting to the sound of her own drummer to the consternation of her artist-grandfather, a realist. While the grandfather carefully instructed her in the strict rules of realism, she painted pink tractors in purple fields, always drawn to the emotion of the paint, the joyful soul of the work.

She was a graphic artist/art director in the advertising field for many years and later switched to the other side of the desk and sold commercial printing for many years.

At just the right moment, she abandon the lucretive print sales job and returned to school to again study fine art, her first love. She initially worked in oils, acrylic and mixed media.

Torres is an Artist-In-Residence at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, CA, which is located on the California State University at Channel Islands in Camarillo. CA, where she is an active member of their Board of Directors.