Ingrid Dee Magidson

Where Magazine - Lyrical Art

Ingrid Dee Magidson’s innovative creations are hauntingly beautiful and truly breathtaking. Vaporous apparitions enchant and welcome the viewer to look inside their soul. Like windows into the past, these transparent layers captivate and reveal ones dreams, memories and fantasies.

Always and Forever
Mixed Media
44" x 36"

Beethovens Muse
Mixed Media
53" x 41"

Distant Shores
Calling Me Back
Mixed Media
69" x 42"

Mortal Desires
Mixed Media
35" x 30"

Royal Fragments
Mixed Media
34" x 28"

The Essence of
Mixed Media
55" x 45"

Mixed Media
27" x 21"

A Graceful
Mixed Media
71" x 38"

Ti Amo Da Vinci
Mixed Media
44" x 34"

Beyond the Horizon
Mixed Media
26" x 21"

Timeless Beauty
Mixed Media
36" x 28"

New Beginnings
Mixed Media
27" x 66"